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A Little Warmth

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 A heart filled with pain

so the words flowed effortlessly.

Running from my mind,

Through a pen,

To the paper.

You see, that's how i speak.


It was the only way to 

keep me sane, 

in my right mind.

Something told me "It's not time

to hang your head in defeat/"


I kept my head up and I wrote,

and I wrote, and i wrote.

In time the pressure of the

weight lifted itself off of me.


I found my sunshine at

the end of my rains

in the form of a precious

life with whom i was blessed

because God gave...a little body,

a litttle warmth to my cold frame.


Let me introduce you 

to my life, the reason I

smile, my #1 man....


My son, #1 love of my life,

Mr. Laiden.


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