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A Celestial Mystery

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I wish it would rain,
So it could wash away the pain that you leave,
Every time you leave.

This silly game, that you playin’
Is driving me insane,
Got me ready to change my name,
The love that we had just ain’t the same.

The birds don’t chirp like how they used to,

Your affection has festered, has since turned into infection,
Poisoning the oasis river that once drew all of my attention

Sweet honey and cosmic blessings used to keep us in perfect harmony,
With a love so filled with passion,

We respected one another.
And the Gods and Goddesses who appointed us lovers
To teach our sisters and brothers, what a love so pure was all about

The constellations was our sitting porch, and the moon our light torch
Could your heart keep chambers unknown to mine?

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Wordman21 says:

Nice flow, give great visual while reading it.

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royale Jones says:

Nice twist real nice stories that intertwine and still leave you in awe!

SoFloetic says:

Very nice

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