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 IT'S time to money and put the B'S behind i had to switch minds with a thug.

cause love wasnt the right price i rather spend it on a slug.

then on a chick that loves ice taking half of my life cause of greed now be gone.

"Silly of her for the games silly of me for falling victim to the same over and over again.

the more i stood in the rain the more she complained about  the stacks i brought home was only change (what the heck).

 she went to all the hot spots and why not she was hot & before any of her friends coped drops she coped hers.

i should've listen to my boys when they tried to tell me about her kind but i was to lost in love cause love is blind now i know." 

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2b2b2 says:

Live On...Write On...No Doubt...thanks for sharing....ONE

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royale jones says:

yea you did that sir! great write!

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