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Chains of Erotica

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 Legs wrapped around your waist our bodies entwined and aroused
Shivering from our thoughts that comes alive with every tongue twisting kiss
Lips soft and oh - so juicy
My blood now pumping like a stallion about to win a race
Trying to hide the way I truly feel
Sweetly you placed your full throbbing measure into my warmth
Body glistening with every thrust
Camel bodies now one
With every insertion
I can feel the erotic chains of stimulation tightly around our souls
No way of escaping bodies locked and trapped in every wild fantasies
Dreams unleashed as we suck the passion and seduction out of our hearts


Swear I heard the sound of angels
as you thrust deeper into my walls
Clouds bursting with vengeance
The earth now wet by the anger of the clouds
Still we embrace and never once let go
I can feel all your emotions scattered into my walls
Your throbbing fire now pulsating
Ready to explode
The chains that bind our fantasies securely locked and unbreakable
Joining our souls to immortal bliss
I can see the passion in your eyes as I take your warmth deep within
Eruption is near
Eruption is near
Loud whispers in the shadows of the wind

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