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The sun shines in the morning.


And I'm busy grasping on to the edges

of my dreams of you.


You have no idea of my feelings for you.


And here I'm the lost soul leaving clues for you.


But counting the days passed

Since you first passed my mind

I find

I can't stand to wait my turn in line

I'm... Impatient.



But what's typical these days?

Relationship games

Played so thorough

Es, torro

That's bull, so



But you wanna hear something


About how I was aware of all your flaws

Yet appreciated you for all that you are

That's so,


On my end

It's a circus act.

How I let go of the swing

No rope, all hope

How I wish you'd, fling

Yourself into my arms like that.




How I would cripple

Myself just to see you stand tall.

Do you see how that's not so,



Well what's so,


Is how folks can take and separate

A last name,

Replace their rock for a cane.

Mistake a side for a, main

Dish, out the pain

So indiscriminately

Why is that so,



To see your woman in the brightest light



To wake up to your sunshine

And thank God because apparently

that's not so,


And that dream you were grasping to

Well.. She's right next to you

And that's,



Well what I'm tryna say is not so,


I have the purest intentions for you.

And that may not be,


But I'm not tryna be,


I'm tryna be with you

And redefine


For you.


Now go ahead and tell your homegirls



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2b2b2 says:

Excellent piece....thanks for sharing!

ceetaylor says:

Thanks for reading!

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