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Love First and Love Lasts

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A Love's Measure

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Moments in Pleasures

Heightened by Lust

Love affairs based of thus

In Hearts We Trust

Growling Animals in a Crowd

Refined in sojourn for awhile

Delivering a momentary crown

Choosey in picking lemmings

Causing aural responsive echoes

Crying proudly, “how you like me now”!

Reproach certainly casual

In complaining in preamble

On how much your love is worth….

Yet beyond inception it just gets worse

As the curse is a love based off inequality

Failing and utterly can’t be bothered to see shifts

That this love although shared was always free

Quite contrary to a professed unconscious misdirection

Your love is materially based on outcomes accepted

In places you fail to see from namely, internally

Steadfastly seeming to trust that your love is blue

Differing perspectives is the love that I see as red

Unable to fathom or compromise in arrangement

Holding on to the anger of love under pressure

Swearing to yourself that your love is better

Given when and for what you want 2b enough

Thrusts following the pull of love fantasies

As the bell strikes midnight, change causing fright

Loving for less than the time it took to love right

Love past glances back from a rearview

Challenging you and challenging me too

Aim to love better than the last love clot

Hoping to never forget that love always gets better

When love received is equal to or greater beyond measure

In Love Treasured most by Weighing Love for the One in the Mirror!

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Wize Dom says:


poems by this commentor


Wordman21 says:

Clap, Clap,...Love this...

2b2b2 says:


bulldognation44267 says:

Very positive. I like the message you are trying to send. Not to sound like a cheese ball, but my love for "Elizabeth" there will never be greater to me lol

Ladypoet45 says:

Another excellent write 2B! Very powerful. Thank you for sharing this.

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