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It's been a while since I've been on here and spoke my mind, heart and soul. Feels good as always.

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A 10 Haiku Heartbreak

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I don't understand

Why do you wanna hurt me?

My heart is broken


I apologize

If I wasn't good enough

Can you forgive me?


I've tried to please you

The only way I knew how

It wasn't enough


It never is though

Sick and tired of trying

I simply give up


I've tried everything

Therapy and counseling

Crying and prayer


But still no progress

Let's just quit while we're ahead

Why continue on?


It doesn't make sense

To just lead each other on

We're being misled


Confusion is strong

The relationship is weak

Can't keep holding on


You can go your way

I've decided to go mine

We've been lost and found


Guess this is goodbye

We go our separate ways

To cross paths again

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