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I wonder who reads this Do they know Jesus Isn't it quite funny how my words sound like Yeeuz That s from my constellation brackets and our personalities can flip like March Madness Brackets My brackets are in order how about yours Uptight bytch didn't yo momma ever tell you Loose Lips sink ships and before you open your mouth to judge I am that bytch I am the one that you love to hate trick and im evol enough to make you lose your train of thought bekuz here at this alter we are at war and iNeed all of you to show who you are turn off the lights and iBEt you couldn't get far I'm combining all of these things That you've you been taught since elementary man Freddie Kruger always thought getting you in your dream was a smart thought but im into other things and iDon't want your heart the devil wants your soul I just want you to fall apart In no way would I ever try to play God but if a flame struck and nobody swiped the match or flick the click on a lighter how would you grasp The new order and get off your

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