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Nothing's funny 
when you hit your funny bone 
Sarcasm runs the whole nation 
By saying things in such a joking undertone
Is the grass green or did you end up buying Reggie
And if it's raining cats and dogs can you still get around a map like john legend 
I'm just asking I don't mean to be rude but I'm in tuned with Strange lessons and I pluck guitar strings and hand them out to those who wants a lesson 
A blessing put your hands together and ask God for something simple instead of begging and having high expectation 
You got high hopes huh
High hopes huh
Well high hopes gives potheads apple pies in the sky ah hey yuck
Laughing like goofy on this gas 
Who said contradicting could touch a everlast 
Punching bag  


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Ak rio says:

Very true hate to hit the funny bone, there is truth in your words!

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