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im at 100 percent, to decent with the intent of nobody on there knees to repent, i dont see nor believe there are eyes among the bottom we are looking up, like a dog before it was a pup, there no comprehension of love like a dove that was sent from heavens above, im walking through heaven, th aggression to the amageddon, we cant lower the lession so which one you chosen too choose your blessing, this here lies the question, but can you receieve the message
jackpots of 7, got to believe in me girl, this is wat you cannot see the diamonds and the riches is all earthly things
love is everlasting, which everything that have collapsed and then you dont know how to relax then hold on to the track, we are all black, but the skin dont matter, we worship the captured, to there and after,this is a poster to the rapture, this hitting elevator walls that goes up and down, so what was pronounce for these that was taking unto anaccount, this is one more ounce to the bounce, emotional rollercoaster that put letters on my shoulders, as the soldier watch the solar with deaden eyes, speaking into lies, while his family cries
the unstoppable, unbreakable, unlovable, which is i cant see the human being which the light outside a dream, achieve to agree while we asleep, thinking of a plan, that this is at the palm of our hand, trying to stay calm and understand, that the thought we process of comprehend, that protected which we provided, we sited to seek less guidance, decided to get excited on which on what we cant ignite, make things to become lopsided, to reminded to these the things to become sort sight of the future, to bring less humor to the user the we have to teach the tutor
i cant redeem the glow of the light, its too bright to have been seen the crop of the cream, three wishes to make like God was a genie, then some of us cant kneel saying its beneathe me, im in need of love, but been deprive of the attention the boggles the mission, then the increase of the tension, the afterthought we all thought was finished, cause be affected, then the children is neglected, from the opportunities to the day light, the kite dont fly without wind, then again we can sin without to began
im a feen wanting things that i havent process, access to work and the clerk is at the register going to alert, which is the perk of having a nervousness, that the weather without a kiss, this is where we dont have not lips, so we often miss, this is the pause but its past tense, damn where did you find this talent, that you think of mad , then again life is a , what you want to dismiss, shelter for the homeless, instewad of a cardboard holding up the rain, to sustain the damage to the brain, we trying not to stay sane, that i can see dwell in the wells of open seas, what you want to believe in the world thats not in between the machine
i need glasses of which i cannot seem to see to believe, in the art of love, the art of sacrifice, i have an appetite of a foreign paradise, but this is a fantasy more than the more of a life, reality take five, here your break, when the earthshakes, the ones to make wake, tremble to the ones have the closed windows, thoughts off emotions, im a king but still havent been chosen as we all approaching the future like every second we still here blessed with, quest with a mission to bring something to the world

myself in the intense, the cents dont make sense, and since we cannot smell the scents, we rinse our hands off the events, of the relationship that have me trapped in the surface of the problem that lay it be, unique without any guarantees that cannot be complete, we are alias with our feet, i got to eat, this is poetry can you express what i see, but you chose not to believe, we all our potion to ones have been decieved
of dear life, that is hard to live life like an unfinished business, let the angels be your witness, who do you believe in, when you heart is stuck in sin, and how can you make an amends, concept that we wasnt never slept, we all want wealth, then we forgot about our health, this is the kool moe dee and the busy bees, we all have dreams like Martin Luther King, fail from the mountian top and hit every bump, scares and veins we worship the lumps not needing to talk about the heart that kept me lock into the chamber, is we major i think you should answer that question, we dissolved into the words of cancer, sleepy as i lay my head on the pillow filled with sorrow that the after math cannot see the thought of tomorrow, give me some money so i can borrow
the follow of the unborn leaders have no heart to see you, the sky is blue and we all blew past the raptures, this is the fallen of the chapter, load and behold, remote to control, which i cant believe that the truth lies under the seas truthfully to believe that sometimes my heart dont see, idols of this unknown rifle, shooting bullets to my head, the story goes on that then the soul have lost the another black man had gone down a cliff
this world is not lovable and uncertain that this love im hurting but lie and still the heart is 100 percent

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