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#3) Freestyle Poetry

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There's a problem with this world today, 

That many may not see as their own.

The problem I believe has stemmed from things,

As if it were your child and u just left them all alone.

Never talked about, or confronted.

People stay building up the fronts

And never givin it up to nothin.

People ever lovin their wants,

And hardly ever givin up the wantin.

It's more, more, I need more,

I hardly have a lil so I need more.

To the store's, 

Where are u for the poor,

Why is it only the ones who have a lil 

Always need some more.

To the state's,

When u heard the knocks at ur door's,

Why was there any question of why don't we do more for the poor.

The world is in a decline,

And we're just givin up on ourselves. 

When we should be givin up the goods to better ourselves. 

If we'd all lend helping hands we'd have more hand's then we'd know what to do with.

Then we could think about helpin others over sea's. 

Though all I tend to see around me is disbelief,  that people arent able to achieve,  that old boo whoo it coulda, shoulda, woulda, been more.

Do what u gotta do, even make believe if u have to, but know that there's more then meets the eye.

Also there is something out there beyond our sky.

Make it all worth ur while, and want to do more then just ur usal same old bore's.

Actually make urself feel more, instead of being sore!

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