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You figure out things different, wondering is it the world or you just tripping, wanna stand up for right cause the world going the wrong way, but no one appears to listen to what I say, passionate about good an right items, materials, minds hurting cause im not fighting, stuck like Chuck, its like catching a lot of combos, its like everywhere I see there's a ***ing McDonald's

Hard on the throttle, chugging the bottle, seems easy the way im taking it, holding on to everything I've got, not replacing it, turning the cards over to see what I got left, always knowing everything in life is a test, stress isn't good when you have a lot of problems, pray to God, help me solve them

The bottom always looks smaller from the top, there's a reason to go hard in everything you do, nonstop, wanna change everyone perspective but you gotta change yours first, heal that place in your heart that hurts, Lord have mercy on me for all my iniquities

Life's a but I just gotta live through that

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Wize Dom says:

Raw and to the bone.

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