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2 digit Masturbation.

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I read a book today,

It was about masturbation and a womans mind

I read a book today,

Dnt get confused as it was the same one.

It really got me thinking

As it held many truths behind its words

It explains how many woman may act innocent

But really the are hidden sluts

They may pose as an office lady

But secretly they wanna be porn show star

Especially a they've had enough of their,

2 finger masturbation

Then again woman hold flaws

As they are afraid to explain

Explain that wen dark falls

They no longer answer office phone calls

As they only use two digits or maybe four depending on how much of their juice is throbbing dwn to the floor

But then i remember why woman dnt explain,

Wat they do wen dark falls

As other woman act like they dnt have the same fantasies

Judging yu saying yur just a simple minded whore

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latin_lover says:

Da*n, that is keeping it real

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2b2b2 says:

Ha ha.....Great Piece....ONE

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