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This latest poem - I am just not sure -the message is sound but it starts a bit odd - ah who am I kidding I am eccentric

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"My Suicudidal Dream" (hesitant about posting this it is about how it feels to be suicidal)

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I scream for help but, no one hears my cry I am in self denial No one really knows who I am I'm the kool kid on the block That is who we are No, today I am dirt with love in my heart , I shun the world If I am no good then what is the point? I have no reason to carry on with love, I give my life, so no one else has to make this sacrifice They say I am stupid They say I have no use I will not take that abuse Good nite sweet world it has all been a Lie I am in self denial

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jevans1194 says:

I love it...Really deep...Very bold and strong to post this.

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hymnagen says:

It seems a shame that emotional pain is so often a writer's inspiration, but its therapeutic value cannot be denied. This is an excellent piece. Thanks 4 the share

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