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A Simple But Powerful Prayer

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I was sitting by myself

All alone just little ol me

And I said a little prayer

Enough to make the devil flee


I said this prayer

In a low and humble voice

But the devil couldn’t take it

He ran without choice


Now this little prayer  

 Wasn’t fancy and long

and it wasn’t hard to remember

And with it you could not go wrong


It consist of five little words

That may sound simple to you

But these five little words

Have pulled me through


These words are powerful

And makes the devil cry

They give my soul peace

And lets my spirit fly


And with these word Jesus is there

These words I think you will agree

 These words that I talk of are…


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2b2b2 says:

Excellent....thanks for sharing....Word Up.....ONE

tretre says:

OHHHHH!!! I'm so sharing this one, I really hope you don't mind. I know a lot of people who feel this way. I Just love this poem. Thank you so much for sharing. Keep that pen movin WynFred...I think you found yourself a new fan.

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Wynfred says:

Thanks ya'll

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