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5'2 Lesbian

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Tell me please that sleep will come soon

These bags below my eyes hang heavy like a big broad on children swings

No offense to big women or even things

My eyes drop heavy

My heart thumps ten times harder than yours

My feet ache like rocks are stuffed inside of them

I walk to work with my head high as the sun beats down on my black skin,  drippings of sweat become visible while the  pain in my eyes eaves sanguine

And like the rocks in my feet

Life throws stones at my chest

Banging and banging still I shall never rest

Why can’t I live like rich people do?

Where they don’t have to rise until afternoons

Why can’t I live like rich people do?

Why can’t I sink myself inside bubble baths and release doves when love comes to my mind?

I can’t rest or sleep with these things on my mind

Why can’t I love more than one woman at a time?

Why can’t I be a gigolo without being a whore, a slut, a trick, a loosey goosey, a polished shoe, a piece of ass, and all those other violent words people use against me for using my vagina the way I want too

Why can’t I be free?

Why do I have to be like him or her or him and her just to be cool?

Why do I have to spend my small check to walk in those expensive shoes although my feet still will ache at night?

Why should I be like you?

Whether you’re great or poor

Why should I be like you?

Why can’t I win sometimes and just say forget everything and smoke weed and light fire in places where those things are not “prohibited”

Why can’t all of my homies chill in front of stores and rap to beat boxing beats without being arrested and thrown against walls or get charged thousands of dollars for soliciting.

At the end of the day I don’t feel

I don’t care what anyone thinks of this 5’2 lesbian who walks sometimes with a limp, who cares for her mother and father and sister and brother

Who wears glasses that always seem to find their way to the peak of her nose

Whose skin has not been clear since puberty hit

Who still cries when people stump on her feelings

I don’t care what anyone thinks of the 5’2 lesbian that loves to feel and lay with women

Who cherishes them because they are the most beautiful, soft, emotional, and so many other great things…I love women so much. This 5’2 black woman does not care

I just want some rest.




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2b2b2 says:

Tight Expression....Namaste

Wize Dom says:

Finger snaps, Finger snaps, Finger snaps!!!

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