9 Keys to Better Understand Your Woman

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#1 The biggest mistake men make when arguing is this...

They try to make sense

If you find yourself in an argument with your girl and you start making perfect sense. Stop! That is the number one warning sign that you are going to end the night by yourself. And as hard as you try...you cannot insert logic into a feeling animal like a woman. Your main focus at that time is to listen to her. The effect may not happen in one night, or three nights, or a month but in time she will come to understand that you respect her opinion. That's all she wanted to understand in the first place. You can either be right or be happy. You choose.

#2 Buy her flowers...randomly

There is a method to this madness. There is only one true method of giving a woman flowers and that is with sincerity. She has to understand that you don't need a special occasion to celebrate her as a woman.

#3 Showcase them

You have to think of your woman as a show and stay with me on this one, you have to showcase her. Let her dress up until the point she feels like she might get arrested walking outside. Take her to a restaurant or to the club and party like there is no tomorrow. The point is you are always chasing them and make them fall in love with you everyday.

#4 Watch a soap opera

If you are utterly confused on how your woman will act today. Here is what you do. You find a soap opera. It doesn't matter which one. Spanish ones are the best. You baseline that soap opera as the worst your next conversation can get. And there are better shows out there that proves it can get a lot worse. And no matter what she says, stay with her and follow rule #8 Listen.

#5 Never underestimate the power of a good massage.

Ok, here it is straight up. It's a hard life out there and even thinking makes you tired. You are focused on getting things right and your woman is focused on getting you right. So this is where you can touch her but it doesn't have to be sexual. It's a deep touch that let's her know you care. But then again it could still lead to other things.

#6 Build her up before you lay it down

I know what you are thinking. In the beginning you were going at it every day like rabbits. Now you have to recite Shakespeare word for word before you even get close to see that kind of action. Now this is where your thinking needs to change a little bit. You need to start playing an interesting game, its where you do little things all the time to show her you care. Even if it doesn't feel right.

Because love is a verb. Actions speak louder than words but sometimes even words will do.

#7 You should have it in your mind of what the perfect date night would be...then make it happen

This is right there with one of those movies where the actor goes through the whole scene of how things are going to happen. They picture it with such clarity and work so hard for it that they understand anything that can and will go wrong. And they compensate for it. So picture the perfect night or day out with your girl and make it happen.

#8 Listen

When I say listen, I don't mean listen with the intent to respond. Like you are waiting for her to finish talking so you can say what you have to say. I am talking about letting her air it out and you give the signals that you are listening. The signals will be head nods and "Oh ok." Then when she is done, in your mind try to relate it to something similiar that caused you great loss and just feel it with her. At that point, you won't need to say anything but she will want to listen to everything you have to say.

#9 Make dating a ritual

This is where you have to lay down the ground rules. You guys will date on a regularly basis. You guys are going out and making it a habit to enjoy each others company. Your mindset has to be that nothing in the world makes a difference when you are with her. Because it does. Sometimes you think that it is greener on the other side but have you ever flipped grass over. If its not going to work, it just isn't. But it won't be because you didn't try.

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