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Snatching Band-Aids



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Im snatching band-aids the hard way and pouring lemon and salt into the wound. I think you can hear Beyonce singing, sounds like lemonade. You were being too timid with it like you had all the time in the world and now all the time in the world doesnt seem like all the time in the world. You fumbled and gashed your knee. 

I am just the motivation you needed me to be. I applied a band-aid, snatched it off and well you know the rest. You should have heard the tunes that came from your consciousness. Its like you were comfortable in your mediocrity and then all of the sudden you realized where the f*ck you were. 

You were supposed to be in this present moment and in this moment you are undeniable. No force against you will prosper. You are slaying all enemies and even your greatest one, yourself. 

Hey, do you need more band-aids? Or are we good here?

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mlowe5 says:

A nice pen to healing on. ONE. PEACE AND LOVE.

Breadcrumbs2021 says:

Nice write.

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