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Makes me wanna.. (to the beat of J. Cole's BE FREE)

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Makes me wanna cry

 Makes me wanna die

Man shot down hands lifted to the sky

Makes me wonder why

Bullets had to fly

Facts start surfacing and cover up the lie

Makes me wanna write

Makes me wanna run

Teary eyes staring down the barrel of a gun

CNN coverage of her burying a son

Burdens grow heavy like shes carrying a ton

Makes me wanna pray

Makes me wanna speak

Makes me wanna grab my kids and kiss them on cheeks

Hoping one day they don't encounter gunplay, get shot left laying in the middle of the street

Blood staind body that they cover with a sheet

I swear its all happening like every other week

Feels like a nghtmare, but I never went to sleep

Makes me wanna weep

Makes me wanna weep

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hymnagen says:

THIS is a powerful tribute to young Mr. Brown and beautifully captures the pain of our community. I'm going to share this one, brotha. Thank you

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kingqadardwon' says:

Very profound write! Our generation will be awakened and saved from the disease of death.

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