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new user. i needed a spot i can clean my heart out to... i think i found you. poetry..thats the only way i can show you my soul... im real.. honest i have nothing to hold me back. im ready .

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A Sinners Prayer.

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As I lay me down to sleep I pray to God my Weary Soul to keep. This world is cold and half yall are creep..forgive me father for the wholes in my soul are deep im just tryna make it in this world that wasnt made for me.... heavinly father forgive me for my insecurities i know im spose to hold on to your words but amongst the sound of the flesh it seems so bleak so if i die before i wake please father open up those pearly gates. i am a sinner but even out of sin love can be made. even gesibel and abraham you forgave.. even in my darkest hour i still see your steps..if i get to heavin plaese clean my heart from regret. amen.

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latin_lover says:

Good write. Keep it flowin'

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BITE says:

thank you.

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Wize Dom says:

So much depth in your soul.

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