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Untitled Valor

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love is the answer

there is no secret to love

what is love to you

what is love to me

to what extent

to what degree

is it something

too farfetched to reach

is it something too

complex to teach

is it something too

dangerous to preach

If love is what can

free humanity

then why are we still

fighting slavery

love is the cure

for all diseases

for every curse

love is the reverse

love comes natural

no studied lines

no rehearsal

love is Omni present

love is universal

love is what's needed

love is never not wanted

the cry for love is heard by

the ones who are being hunted

love gives to those in need

love is not filled with greed

where there is hunger

love will always feed

for the life of others

love is willing to bleed

love is a national universal need

if we stand together

if we stop fighting each other

we can make it rain until it thunders

it's time for us to dig each other

out from under

if they deplete our means to buy

then we barter

if your neighbors thirst

give them water

love heals and mends

the broken hearted

those who love are

heavenly guarded

if it's too deep to cross

love will part it

teach your sons to fight

if you have no sons

then teach your daughters

self hatred is the enemy

self love gives you energy

there are those with power

they do not want you to breathe

take charge and make them bleed

this is not a message of hate

this is a message of love

for my people and people alike

do not ignore the signs

believe that everything is in order

terror did not cross the borders

guess who parted the waters

who do you think is honing the swords

that are slaying our sons and daughters




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tretre says:

I like this poem. It's deep "If we stop fighting each other we can make it rain til it thunders" Love that line. Deep words spoken from a true poet. Always keep that pen movin WizeDom!!!

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Iconbryant says:

These words need to be read by the masses!!! Amazing poem!!!!

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Jay Beach says:

Man this is dope. I love the flow of it too. It's like you don't have to write alot but still it says so much. Good work Wize.

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