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A Mothers Vent

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People don't understand Sometimes I just wanna scream I'm so tired of the same routine Everyday Work, come home, cook and clean Help kids with the homework Bedtime and stories No time for me is that too much to ask I feel selfish for thinking like that I'm just so tired I just want one day Or maybe a weekend to relax and play No crying, cooking, laundry, or cleaning maybe I'm dreaming Ok I will just take one day of peace and quiet Or just an hour that would be just fine All I'm asking is for some me time To not be mommy and not be a wife To simply be myself that would be nice Some days I feel like I'm going insane I tell my family but they think it's a game Everyone's to busy to babysit Even daddy doesn't have the time He feels his time is more precious then mine I'm yelling I'm screaming out for help But when I look around no one's there I just need some relief A piece of mind Some mental stimulation Adult conversation But my cries always go unnoticed My sanity is beginning to float away I love my babies, but today's not my day Neither was yesterday and tomorrow will be the same They see the raindrops but they can't feel the rain The scar looks small but they don't feel the pain But why even bother because they just can't see I try to talk but Nobody listens to me

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hymnagen says:

This flows so well. Great write

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