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My mind's a mess. My thoughts are scattered. My head's a puzzle without a pattern.

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12 Seconds

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12. I only have 12 seconds left of life. Because 12 seconds is longest I can remember anything until it is lost to me forever. 12 seconds that I'll be able to remember you, 12 seconds that I'll be able to remember the accident that did this to me. The accident that ripped my happiness away and robbed me of my long term memory. I don't want to live without you my love but soon it won't matter because it'll be like I never met you. Just promise me, for these 12 seconds that I still know you, don't leave me...


11. My life flashes before my eyes even though I'm not dying. I think of my memories with you and think that I might as well be dead without them. And it's not just the memories of you I'll lose. When my times runs out I'll lose them all. My experiences, my victories and failures, and you. You are so deeply apart of me that I worry of heart failure when I forget you. Or worse my soul will be torn apart and I'll spend the rest of my days never knowing why I feel so empty. Don't leave me...


10. The doctors tried but I knew it was a lost cause. They cut my head open, used technology and performed countless surgeries but there was nothing they could do. My memory was too serverely damaged. They removed the piece of metal from my head, no problem, but I heard them say that soon, my long term memory would be completely gone. Don't leave me...


9. Don't cry my love because I can't bear to see you sad. You will have to leave me. Don't torture yourself with coming to see me once my time runs out. I'm sure having to introduce yourself to me everyday will surely cause you pain. Don't leave me.


8. Do you remember that lullaby you used to sing to me when we were younger? Sing it to me my love, for the last time. Make my finally moments with you the best I've ever had in my life. Please. Don't leave me.


7. Smile. For me. The tears on your face are almost to hard to bare. This is no ones fault. No one is to blame. It was just a horrible car accident. Wrong place, wrong time. Don't leave me.


6. I don't have much time left my love so kiss me while I still crave to kissed by you. Let me feel the feel of your lips once more. Don't leave me.


5. I can feel it. I'm forgetting. Soon I won't know anything. I should be scared but I'm not. You're here with me. Don't leave me.


4. I want you to know that I'll always love you, even though I won't remember you. Don't leave me.


3. Remember for me my love. Don't let the times we shared die. Don't leave me.


2. Remember. You have to go on. Don't leave me.


1. Don't leave me.




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latin_lover says:

Excellent write.

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catmartan says:

Great Write !

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hymnagen says:

This joint gets my nomination for the next contest. Real talk. Outstanding piece, brotha!

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