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It's been a while, but I have wrote a lot since I been gone. So new poems and thoughts to share

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Am I less than a person?

Because of my skin.

Does the sins of his father make him less than a man?

Will I have to teach my sons to grow up

and hate the cops

with a subliminal fear that they can be shot?

There is no justice

so we're screaming, NO PEACE

Murder was the charge,

and these pigs getting away scott free

How can we have hope

When the system isn't on our side

They gave us a black President and took away his pride

they killed 3 of our sons

and left them dead in these streets

and all we get is a halfapology

what about his wife, what about their mothers...


silence is no more....

we're united as a people

for this civil journey that will come.


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catmartan says:

Nice Write ! Welcome to the Vibe !

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hymnagen says:

Thank you for giving voice to these shared feelings

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