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"Standing on the Mountain"

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We all have a mountain with our name on it But for some reason we are scared to claim it "Faith" is what my mountain is called on the mountain I inherited from my God I stand firm and strong I gather my equipment gear hidden in the wilderness and strap it across my legs then my around my waist while racing up the icy snowy layers to reach Jesus embrace with each step with my legs and hands the devil with his arm grabbed my ankle trying to fall down into his pit I looked down to it and said "Ha,Ha you thought I would quit"! I kicked his hand away and continued my journey With each slip Jesus angels gave me a shock of spirit strength that I couldn't get on my own eyes gazing up to Jesus with determination and motivation "I'm coming to you Lord with a wonderful sensation"! Imagining cheering in my ears from the Lord saying " you can do it" " climb up to me "! Now I take bigger steps gripping my right hand then left hand on the rocks attached to the mountain underneath the snow I finally made it up to the top of the mountaintop I achieved my goal of meeting Jesus Jesus is my stronghold and my deliever We on our way to the heaven on a first class flight "Standing on the Mountain" is what I did.

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mrmelody7 says:

A very spiritual journey nicely done reminds me of my very favorite gospel song . Im coming up the rough side of the mountain

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tiffanyr says:

I just closed my eyes and pictured me on my personal own mountain and place it from ink to paper.

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mrmelody7 says:

Visualization very key when creating- U got it

tiffanyr says:

Thank you for saying I got it. Visualization has to be key for us poets

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underhiswings7 says:

Very captivating write

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