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I love the skin i am in.

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Home, just got finished cooking for nahla and Christian. A baked hen, collared greens, white rice, cornbread, mac&cheese, ham. Something i always cooked on Sunday's. My soul food love day i would call it. By the way nahla and Christian are my kids I'm a single woman of two. I hear a knock on the door. Standing 6'4, Carmel skin, dark hair, smiling that showed your deep dimples. It was the FedEx man. Lawrd i wanted him so bad, the thirst was real. He gave me my package and walked away. It felt like my heart just got broken and i wasn't even in a relationship with this guy. Little did i know he was thinking the same thing. Man i would love to deliver her packages to her everyday.That woman is going to be my wife oneday. What you talking about man. She's probably married. By the looks of that house she got money. She probably one of those high maintenance, rich chicks. See why you gone shatter my dreams?i can't stand delivering mail with you. Ya ya, bol I'm just keeping it ol G, she so important she got FedEx delivering mail on a Sunday, she don't want a 12 an hr guy like you.

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blakkbeauty says:

Love it

lyrics_Poetry says:

Thank you.

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TamaraD says:

Ok awesome I'm pretty sure I'm gonna like all your work. Thumbs up for it all.

lyrics_Poetry says:

Thank you please read all of them.

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UnderHisWings7 says:

Lol. I liked this. Very imaginative, indeed.

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