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A Dream

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I have a very instense dream last night
A war against the machines so I had to fight
The best warriors at my side
This battle could change the tide

For the most part it felt like I had no control
As if just watching me from a separate soul
Then I had a thought that broke me through
Where, in the midst of all of this, were you

In an instant I felt everything
The sounds of gun fire and explosions ring
From the looks of it we were winning
Though the battle was ending I was beginning

All i could do was search for you
I had to find you no matter what I had to do
Took down quite a few machines along the way
Last thing I remember was an explosion blowing me away

The awoke from my dream so I assume I died
Wanting to see you one last time, at least I tried
So I came to realize something true
That I don't want my life to end if it's not ending with you

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EmpressRee says:

Dreams: they fascinate me. the story being told. I have been dreaming more as I reach deeper into my higher self. - in terms of your piece, make sure you double check your spelling to make sure that is what you want to get across. Thanks for sharing! :)

mrmelody7 says:

Great write feel you on this

2b2b2 says:

Awesome piece.....Bravo!!

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asheena says:

Snap, Snap, Snap...Cheers fellow Poet!

underhiswings7 says:

Very well written!

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