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From birth my Father (Jesus) transferred his drops of blood into my veins That's why I have his Faith DNA When I froze with sin through my red cells Jesus warmed me up with his scriptures his personal heater Through the see through skies Jesus wrote with his spiritual pen "Tiffany you can win, you will excel" My body is no longer like an iceberg God gave me a rod That crumbled the ice Ain't my God nice When I fell down to Earth God gave me wings to fly away from the spiritual warfare to the land of righteous You don't need to log in a database to find out who I belong to because God and his angels they my ancestors Didn't need to go on to know that Jesus genetics is the company I'm employed in my boss pays you with his forgiveness for your sins The bonus he gives is oxygen, gold (AU), silver (AG), platinum (PT) from his periodic table We are scientists injecting his precious blood into the arms of lost souls Feet are stamped with Jesus GPS telling which way to go Jesus is my way onstar I can call him in the unfamiliar territories I have that Chosen Faith DNA The holy ghost speaking in tongues DNA That worshipping in the streets DNA To all the worldly haterz you don't deserve a name because You a lame anyways #saved always even when I reach the air

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mrmelody7 says:

Another Gem from Tiffany vault of writes-stated very well Mz Tiffany

tiffanyr says:

My vault of writes are now open. Thanks there will be more gems from me.

2b2b2 says:

Great Share....thank you....ONE

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tiffanyr says:

Your welcome :)

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underhiswings7 says:

Feeling this one

tiffanyr says:

Keep feeling my poems :) underhiswings7.

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