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what the what part2

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Hmmm….how does this make me feel well first off  im tired of looking at what you post about me for the simple fact I already feel ashamed and embarrassed about the things that I’ve done and I’ve already given out multiple apologies like a shout out in a rap verse or like Grammy award show I can’t stand it I feel so defenseless everybody who has something bad to say about me or don’t like me are on your side pointing they fingers at me but every time you post a status on how unhappy you are and how much patients you have  for me they applaud you it seems like all you do it fuel the fire by posting more and more bad stuff about me for every time we argue and make up you always say how close you claim to loosing me and I continue to say the same thing you’ll never lose me ironic how everybody has something to say about me and what I’m doing when I don’t even have nothing  to say about me or what I’m doing ironic how they informants but don’t in-form you about the good I’m  doing or give you the right in-form- ation-  but they are just informants who live by ear and not the intellect gathering that they have receive from the research that have not been doing you see if people would put as much time as they put in rumors  into facts the facts would be never ending I guess the thing the really bothers me the most is the fact you can sit there with a straight face and believe those people who don’t live my life or anything close to it you put on this front like you’re so independent and you and my child our good without me making me miss out on my daughter life knowing how much she means to me  then try to justify it I don’t understand when did I become the problem when did you decide to listen to other people who have nothing to do with us tell you about what I’m doing you trust everybody but the person you need you trust the most then brag and boast about the things you ain’t even doing and same people you call friends be the same exact ones to tell me that they in love with me but they your friends right they would lie to right

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