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3rd Eye

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A blind man, I am, but still take my time with days, not full realizing there is no timing that's right in this maze, grand ball of curiosity, confused causing dissension, subterfuge and tension, obviously, thus my intention of this poem, trying to grasp an understanding logic that's unknown, trying my best to capture my thoughts in their essence, still coming across problems to many questions, unanswered life's lessons, some will say this is a blessing, but my mind runs continuously, non-stop, sometimes I think that I've failed strenuously, and My heart drops, ashamed, shameless does anyone know?, in my solitude there's no place to run and no place to go, very strange these emotions the urge greater than ever before, is it that I am growing older giving me ambition for wanting more, can't ignore my manic anxiety, has me strewn and tangled in my own conscience, indigent in society, in search for more variety, got to be aware in life, conscious, or should I say cautious, sometimes my trembles still form a smile it resembles, even though my self knowledge and supreme comprehension and enlightenment makes me nautious, for a while, there's nothing I can't do God given birthright as a child, I take my time with this sit back and endure in denial, you can learn more from listening than you ever will from talking, never been one for that, I always did the walking,

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2b2b2 says:

Superb Flipping.....Bravo....thanks for sharing!

hymnagen says:

^^Indeed, tight verbal gymnastics! Peace

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