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Tears drop from my eyes cause the love is real my heart beats fast cause I'm afraid of losing you my thoughts race cause I don't know if I can take what's to come me seeing you with another man just brings my soul to crumbs us departing ways like we never shared five years as one even got a beautiful son out those years that brought smiles as if we were at a amusement park having plenty of fun damn this just can't be life seeing you cheating on me with another man brought a major scar it even put a pause to my poetry cause my thoughts went into shock so its been two weeks since I typed a poem but I looked for the lord and he answered my prayer and said stay up son she just wasn't the one just be thankful I blessed you with a son so now just carry on and don't let this worry you just be strong keep rising cause I made your soul to be strong so let that be the past and focus on the future cause as long as you be strong I will make sure you rise like the morning sun bring nothing but smiles to you and your son making her wish that she never destroyed what I blessed her with a family as one she let the demons control her thoughts so now she must suffer and hear your Cry's and feel the pain that your heart has felt so don't worry be happy cause you stayed by your number one blessing and that was your son so just understand next time choose the rite one cause the devil hides in beauty and tries its best to control souls so just keep praying to the lord and I will always be around my power is real and strong just sit back and learn read my bible and you will defiantly learn watch how I move and a fool you will never be cause sticking with me will make you aware of all the devilish things!!

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