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A Motherf**ker

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All my dad gave me was life left me with nothing but lkife neve complained that I might not get it right with this life worse of all I aint ask to be here, never feel nothing but fear, nobody asked to be here  ups and downs trials and tribulations, perfect loving hearts turn dark and start hating, this all I ever know this all I could ever do, blessed with words and at best I am cursed, thoughts come off random, I bring them alive to something tangiable, this life is handable, to much weight is unmanageable, there's no crying I am not a huffer, just like telling the tales of when I suffer, wish someone better shelter my mother maybe she would'nt be a hustler, my brother would'nt be a duster, I was told never to trust her, no woman in my life, cause nothing but drama brings nothing but strife, my father told me I aint shi would never be and to get off mycause he aint giving me so I start living to get rich that son of a b**ch I am the son of a vic I am a sonof a a mutherf**ker

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underhiswings7 says:

Well....thought provoking

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