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A Day of Perception

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Rise and  shine  to  Welcome  Glory
Blinded  by  plight  from  Daze  Overcast
Broadcast  news  match  views  of  forlorn
Copeless  voices  curse  love  as  fabricated
Enunciated  prognosis  of  more  despair
Causing  yester-years  to  evaporate  in  today
No  fortune  to  change  past  incurred  reactions
Satisfaction  is  in  assuming  gloom  2b  forever
However  is  always  an  improper  adjective
Adhering  to  one  truth,  as  that  is  all  that  holds  you…….

So  War  is  to  Strife  as  sure  is  to   Belief
Relief  is  to  Peace  as  sure   as  changes  are  to  another  view!

The  Other  You  is  Not  as  Polluted  upon  seeking  new  routines
Walk  backwards,  skip,  run  and  flip,   jus t  to  experience  gist

Choose  love  of  life  shared  equally,  instead  of  dreaming  out   nightmares….

Good  and  Bad  are  tastes  in  behavior,  which  one  will  you  savior?

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Ladypoet45 says:

Very nice write 2B, thanks for sharing.

mrmelody7 says:

always magical, with your diction message and flow, not sayin Im right but I am from that school good guys only win in the movies and good guys finish last

mlowe5 says:

You continue to tell it, Brother! Yes! It's like: To be is to free as slavery is to not be! Have a Blessed and creative Day! Peace, Love and Liberation.

KingQadarDwon' says:

Awesome and inspiring brother... Edification.. Outstanding write

2b2b2 says:


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