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Its kinda of funny how things change lost both of my loves in the same year.

One got married and the other one passed away  now im feeling sea sick even the docter saying he sic  its kinda crazy the type of life he picked,      I didnt ask 4 it  i didnt want it  who cares i can change into another Mother F'er right now!!!    WOW!!!! what a though tas long as i can see the sunshine, The clouds, The rain, even snowy days I'm good either way. Its kinda of funny how things changed.  When your knees hit the grown u gotta maintain get right back up cause it might be a stampede here we go again ( smh) that's y i dont sleep i most eat.    !ts kinda funny how things change!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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2b2b2 says:

SNAPS....Tight Share....ONE

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