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Keep'n It Hot

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Inconspicuously delicious/ the fetish is so ticklish/ lick the titty meticulously ridiculously I’m hip to this/cunnilingally I pretend to be/ simultaneously stimulating the end of all orgasms intuitively/ the pituitary instinctively starts to spasm/figuratively I start to fathom the possibility of what is to be fulfillment for me but I don’t disappear like a phantom/before some candor and use full banter I shine like a lantern/when it’s your turn to churn this urn and add some shake to that jello that causes creme to flow curdle first thrust then slow over and over you know how the story goes/ and what has arose in this fellatio pose that have your feet dancing or pointed at the toes/ if love were a medicine I’d be a PhD make an old soul young and a young soul weep /experience me more deeply then the beat of your heart below the level of the sea/ and the soles of your shoes/beyond the swelling and yelling and whaling of oh’s I’m a haiku/a chorus a symphony and orchestra of trumpets your own heart makes the sound I just write the music for it/no I am not a don nor debonair nor smooth/ I’m not a playa a sooth say’a a rapper or a thug/ I’m not a ball’a shot call’a or any of the above/ give your heart strings a tug/ I am the one who could fill this empty universe with the sum of an infinite number of sensational feelings and have you forever in ecstasy

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