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Night Light Variations in a Summer of Discontent

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The quite ebony night blew its warm teasing breath---

taunting my wet shining sable skin with a faint coolness.

The paused crescent moon struggled with opaque-like clouds

to dispense sojourning light as it trekked across the sky

towards the self fulfillment of its circadian journey.


All around---within the tree cribbed space,

fluttering little arthropods darted about---

flashing bits of light, as if to impart

pieces of truth the diabolical night offers

to those in the search there of: truth---

the light of the contemplating souls of darkness.


In the precinct of the darkness of night, light lurks---

always on patrol---juxtaposed superior twin:

blinking and winking behind guarded shades.


Thus…wherever darkness seeks to go and abide,

she finds companion light luring from the shadows:

welcoming her to coexist in peace, love and truth.


Soon, these cohabitating twins will usher in

another tomorrow.  May God not forget us---

so enlighten us---that we continue to strive to build

a new world order---reflecting peace, love and justice. 

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Charles2 says:

deep, thoughtful, moving

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KingQadarDwon' says:

Wow!! This is what I think about, talk about, feel, and see everyday... Ooh that liberation is high.. Breath of fresh air...Thanks for sharing this heaven inspired piece...

hymnagen says:

It's funny...many desire a new order. Some want the change to be revolutionary while others struggle to ensure that change will be evolutionary and that little "r" breeds all the divisiveness preceding it. Still, I like your vision, brother. Peace

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mlowe5 says:

Thank you all for your read and encouraging feedback. My The Most High continue to desire to keep and dwell with you. Let us no longer grieve without response to the issues at hand. Peace, Love and Justice.

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