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1555(our journey to the west)

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The pain

  The aim

 our names

 they changed.

  We wore the badges and attributes of God

  Falsified our identity

 trapped our divinity,

  Castrated our fathers took shots at their masculinity,

  all while the women and the children was in the vicinity,

 devils of a people, disrespected and disregarded the children of God,

 the ones with unity and humility,

  raped our mothers in the heat, deep down south imagine the humidity.

  Enough tears from the children of Israel to fill oceans , lakes, and rivers,

  tectonic plates of heartbreaks and forever memories of mental earthquakes,

  that we still haven't quite shaked,

 and it's over 400 years from those dates where our little future babies was used as alligator bait,

 fueled by absolute hate by the ones with the savage nature,

 there will be a price to pay says the creator

 because contrary to what we were taught, blacks are righteous by nature says the savior.

 Stolen early, but we'll be resurrected late,

 we are living in the days that the world will realize that black is great,

 and from our loins was how the rest of the world was made,

 scriptures means but it's written as a universal message,

 get that out of your head,

 because your salvation depends on how well you treated the black man and black woman, that determines whether or not if you'll be saved.

  There is only one free black man today, that can say whatever he wants to say and then back it up,

 he was blessed with the name "The criterion", the world knows him as Farrakhan

 and because of him, you can hear this mind of mines,

 and his anointing and wisdom alone has saved millions of minds,

 and millions of minds have stopped eating swine,

 that was given to us by massa swine,

  eating that swine goes against the divine and was an abomination in the beginning and still is in these latter times. Qadar Dwon' X

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mrmelody7 says:

Spreading that history Brother Man to those wise enough to listen young mind keep it sharp appreciate your comments also as I am not one full fledge into poetry

Kingqadardwon' says:

Thank you my brother ... There is two sides of my being... I'm always in spirit though, I know the times and places when to pump the truth...

mlowe5 says:

From East to West and back to the East again, Truth is revealed--back to the West. Preach on my Brother. "You shall the truth; and the truth shall set you free. Indeed, it is the "Pump" that fuels that holds the energy only truth can give. Peace. One Heart. One Love. One People. Respects!

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