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99% Loaded

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you can stay behind
I'm going to climb
this time is mine
you better believe it
I'm going to cease it
I wrote a little hope
about trying to cope
been at the end of my rope
and even though, I fell
by looking at me
you would never tell
I never smell like smoke
even though I've been through hell
believe me, the devil knows me well
and want's me back, but
I can't do that
it was the grace that
brought me back
from a massive life attack
those who kept me down
didn't know, there was
a seed in the ground that grew
 and took root and couldn't stay down
I'm up foreday in the morning
I sleep a little
just enough to dream
a little bit
about a lot that sits
on a hill
owned by a man name Bill
I had a rug pulled
from under me
still I'm still standing
grinding, don't mind me
I'm just passing through
not bothering you
so leave me alone
let me do what I came to do


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latin_lover says:

"I never smell like smoke even though I've been through hell" - Nice!

Jay Beach says:

I agree. That smell like smoke line was pretty dope. Never cease to amaze Wize. Thanks for sharing.

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