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"If I"(A portrait of us)

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"If I" If I would describe this, it would probably go like this,

  Colorful vibrations and peaceful sensations, in a world full of dark matter and space, you're my only temptation.

  The creator smiled when he made this creation, playing love ball on the moon,

  that's what we do for recreation.

 Spiritually tuned in your world, I'm guilty of the annexation of your sojourn of loneliness,

 and your prayers of companionship.

  I melted your heart and turned it into my own personal cough syrup, sipping syrup and slurring my nouns and verbs, describing your assets with mesmerizing adjectives using figurative language, you know how my poetry feels, inserting you into my songs, you replace all of my adlibs.

  Can I brush your brain and take my fingertips and twirl your veins.

 Am I too deep or do you think I'm insane?

  For playing the if I would describe this game?!

  Just a well thought of freestyle.. Qadar Dwon' #Poetry #goodtofeelgood #worthytobespokenof #space #freestyle #freeflow #freeminds #life #indeed #motivation #travelingminds #Doesyourguycreatelife

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mlowe5 says:

Yes Sir, my Brother! Continue to write on. "If" accepting it as it is, is being sane, let us remain insane! Peace and Love, M. Lowe

Wize Dom says:

Indeed my brother, keep 'em out the weeds.

underhiswings7 says:

:) I really like this! Dopetastic!!!

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