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(c) 1998 oni lasana - real tales of rhymes & reason

There is a place of bloodstained ground
Razor blade...passed around
A far off place where cultures share
Secret torments...young girls must bear

A place that opens between her legs...
A place where girls are cut...for men to care
Only a husband can get in there

This place is pleasure to woman who live free
So special...I wish they could be me
A place so tender..gentle...a loving nerve
Not to be disfigured...violently disturbed

Not for slicing...like meat or bread
Tortured in pain...left alone for dead
This place is closed off...to prolong virginity
Vulva sown shut...in love vicinity

A place castrated...without choice or anaesthetic
Traditional practises so common...so pathetic
A place where being female
Is to be mutilated & controlled
Infections...disease...blocking monthly toll

Sunna or pharaonic...both are moronic
In 28 countries this abuse is a "custom"
A place a girl-child can never run from
Some may flee...take the risk
Many die or suffer-in-pain...exist

Woman treated as sexual beast.
Nen never know true loves release
Wedding nights screams of torment are heard...
No one dares say a word

Western sistah's are safe...in our place
On this side of earth...it was not a choice
Do we hear her cries?...do we hear her voice?
Permanently damaged...physically...mentally... emotionally too
What can we say...to help her through?
What can we do?

A secret place...where her spirit will die
I know her voice...I hear her cry
Natural women know why.

(c)1998 Oni Lasana - A Place

Excerpt from: real tales of rhymes & reason

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yuhi says:

This poem is beautiful. i loved it! good work! 5/5 =]

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