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A February's parable

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Reaching for the memories,

  that seems to never die, but rather stay latched onto my heart

 like a love- trichina worm.

  I am constantly tormented, in my 24 hours of consciousness, tears of red seas stream down my cheeks, soaking up my meekness.

  I guess it is what it is or was how it is or is how it's gon be.

 How could this be,

 for a gentleman of truth to be silent in his speech

I'm guessing a herd of elephants stepped on his tongue, screaming silently in the jungles of love but no one hears him.

A Love so deep, that even knees and ankles need special crutches, for him to hold his foundations of proof and keep his lovefunds in an active stage.

In the home of the brave, secret societies were branded on the ribs of his cage,

  overwhelmed by the thoughts of the missing you plagues,

more devastating of any in ancient Egypt in its reign, till this day,

 was late on a few bills, but I promise to pay if you would always and forever grant my stay

 and guarantee me your face and allow me to witness your amazing grace.

  So one day I spoke a parable pertaining to a beautiful flower needs to be watered at all times and given the right amount of sunlight to blossom, they asked what it means,

 I then replied and said that the one that you love should always be respected and given the right amount of attention to grow into Queenhood. 

Qadar Dwon'

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2b2b2 says:

Superb Work

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underhiswings7 says:

Your poetry is as beautiful as you are.

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