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A Poem For You

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A poem for a girl who smile is as bright as the sun hovering over the horizon

Whose beauty I shall not compare for I would sin if I tried,but my hearts that beats only for your love

Please forgive me if I ever bestowed the thought of you leaving my mind, as to those nightmares the touch and warmth of my arms wishes to save you from at night

This is a song for you, my darling for which I can only sing for you through romantic words written on a paper

For my soul dances for your pure seduction of happiness that one should have

& for the heart that graces your finger which such fine gold shall be the happiness soul on land for they have found their angel,I sought you to be

My special melody for the beat in my chest only plays to dry those sweet notes you call tears, please if I may ask…Will you ever cry for me?

Would you sing me a song without using one inch of your voice but yet your gorgeous eyes that sweeps me off this earth

This is an apology to you, for every second your heart was broken to those minutes I wasn't’t around to pick up each piece and love them as my own..

For you are more than what these words mean, more than one eye can count the stars for you are the only star I see in my night sky….

Please do me a favor for my mind will only live to know I ease your pain and sorrow..

As the days and nights my sun and moon, feels down please read this note whenever you're alone or wherever you are and smile my angel


This is a poem for you….

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2b2b2 says:

Terrific love treatise......thanks for sharing!!

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Honeybrown says:

🔥 I love it

Honeybrown says:

🔥 I love it

Kewayne Wadley says:

Nice wordplay! Vivid images brought alive

Corey says:

Such beautiful lines in this love poem. I truly enjoyed it! Thank you!

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