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Through poetry I have told the stories of my soul, as the universe, I am, and always will be. My soul expands once more, for I am fed the sacred fruit of knowledge, and love by my brothers, and sisters. Grasp my articulation, and reveal to me your soul, it is then you will see our souls are one. To know you is to know my lost self. To love you is to love the whole of my self. I have seen the seasons of your sorrow, and the precessions of your joy. I am truly blessed.

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A Being Incomplete

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No foreign substance can make you who you are not.

No sun shall exist In a barren void.

You were indeed born in a world of chaos,

but you embraced this chaos 

and raised it as your own.

You must know young soul 

another's body will never make you whole.

You are not an incomplete puzzle, 

but rather water brought to a boil.

You are not half of a being young soul.

But you are indeed a withered tree,

who's essence has been pulled into its roots.

Let your essence free,

so as to blossom just as the souls around you.

Let your power be risen,

and your pride regrown.

Let me see a smile upon your face next time,

and let me hear the words "I love myself".

I stand with you my soul,

and love is the ground beneath us.

Just open your eyes, and you'll see,

Beauty and Power you'll then be. 

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RonnieL says:

Great flow in this piece, very descriptive and eye opening. Thanks for this write.

Woven says:

"No sun shall exist In a barren void." "You are not an incomplete puzzle, but rather water brought to a boil." It's lines like these that wowed me. This piece has such power, and is immensely inspirational.

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Hsanan says:

Thank you very much.

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