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Lord, you woke me up early one morning

And upon arising I began stretching and yawning.

Just like a thief into the night

You said you'd come oh merciful Lord,

Coming at a time when

I was dreadfully bored.

Now, I my Lord, am ready to receive only thee

Again, as before, but now more sincerely.

Arising out of my bed

Still sleepy and groggy,

I peered out of the window

And the skies seemed foggy.

But Lord, I wanna thank you 

For taking me through the best of times,

Because only you know 

I've been through the worst of times.

Because all I have done 

Was to defile my name,

By taking from others

And showing no shame.

I have been caught

Up into so much hell,

Then I would ask you Lord

Many times, must I fail?

I skipped and I ran

Just like a child of sin,

My thoughts and my actions

Were tremendously wild then.

But you Lord

Have given me another chance,

To walk in your love

Run in your light or to dance your dance.

Never in all of those times 

Did I think I'd ever change,

I just had to clean house

Yet it seemed so strange.

I've been given so many things

So much of your grace with love,

You have shown your true colors

Like the rainbows up above.

Today I am more grateful

Than ever in spirit and in heart,

And I'm thanking you Lord 

For this brand new start.

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Wize Dom says:


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after vision says:

my poet, new beginnings turns fresh soil

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jcf108 says:

This poem is so inspiring and could be performed at every church service and it would do more than even the sermon! BRAVO!

blakmista says:

Thank You All So VERY Much. God IS.

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