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Life Ordered


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(L O)
Just another day
just another year
don't get so relaxed
as to God—F E AR!

It was so ordered
that life see new birth
alpha AND omega
Jesus Christ—THIRST!

Believe then repent
spirit bath in our love
stained by a lord's blood
joyously have faith.

No sample, or example, no prototype needed
nor an entree, life thru God blossomed.

Being poetic, romantic, energetic, magnetic
self sustaining so remarkable as is today.

Evenings and mornings makes the days
creation loving creation in all of its ways

from a supreme creator passionately
yet unforcefully sculpturing their lives.

Still, with no desertion or exertion did paint
on purpose, love, testing self in the day
without frustration or worry we've seen.
Enjoy your presence here, for it's eternal.

Sealed unmarked ancestral graves littering
the landscape of the world, even as mankind
still stands guard at an empty tomb Christ left.
Wept teardrops current and noticed amid fears
in desperate dance to find a revelant partner.
Lies, I'll call untruths, play the fifth cord
unrelenting is our masters plan availed to man.
Stay if one desires to, he's not there, he's risen
the memo has been sent out many centuries ago.
Of course the inner fanthom still operates in
shadows holding all fear needing to finally love.

Have we not seen even the upgrade of playgrounds
skate parks to diversion of water from sand bags?
Depression to pity pots being left upon sides of roads
ever abandoned having been “let go”?
Life has and is sealed with a kiss
or there'd be few reasons to notice self.
I love the saying which says “Once you
understand that you don't understand it all,
that's when you begin to gain understanding”.
Tombed minds were opened and emptied
from our creator who's always in all ways.


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Contest Winner  

mlowe5 says:

A beautiful profound canvassing of needed self-resurrection and ascension of liberating life of "...Tomed minds...opened and emptied...ou creator...always in all ways. Thanks for this inspiring share, BlakMista. ONE. Peace and Love.

love_supreme says:

Excellent write.

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