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Those who say

They have no choice

Neglect to hear the voice

Telling them to

Select their life’s mission

It does speak

You must be listening

In deep thought

While watching the glow

Of the flame burning in your heart

Captives are never mean, to know

If they knew, then they would

Have to let them go

Exit where there is no door

Walk where there is no floor

Do what you came here for

Time will only tell

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after vision says:

my poet, walk were there is no floor

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jcf108 says:

This is Magnificent! Speaks deeply to the SELF of us all!

mlowe5 says:

Indeed! You can't walk where you have not been sent; having been sent where you are, you must walk, run and fly; for time waits not even for itself. Yes, my Brother, let us catch up! Great write. Peace and Love, M. Lowe

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