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"Living the Dream"

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 Enjoy the respect
You’ve received
the amount of applause
That could bound a broad
down on her knees
making rounds simply j ousting with beats
spit out the mouth till it sounds like it’s heat
Style of a beast;
met Shorty at the beach with her ex then
next trend
some ketel as an expense
Kick it with a rocket hand on the left chest
next test
If I was to leave for a week being flown around
Would you be able to keep a close mouth, get the rosay out, and hold me down

Friday I made five way just to deprive fate
*** a nine to five I gotta find the fame
Inspires my mind to strive at a live pace
can’t sit on the sidelines and try to be great

Chorus X2

this is it, chilling on the beach
tripping cause these women got me wiling to cheat
break it up, I’ll Never consider defeat
It’s Jhurls and I’m Living the Dream
Since rap found me I’ve been on cloud nine
Astound minds, I’m thinking it’s about time
sweep competition like I found mines
fountain of rhymes, I’m young so their doubting my grind
the skies grey no,
chains low rocking the range rove
bank it tamed, train 0’s
since I came game’s became known
for fame, I shoot high but aim low
phased with a frame that aint glow
until I came and showed a couple hundred at day glow

wanted the cheese I got that
wanted to freeze the watch back
then I ease the top back
felt the breeze if not that
its heat that I rap
find me in 3D or Imax
It like Mister Cameron design that
Take a minute to listen to me, I’m living the dream

Link to MP3: http://soundcloud.com/jhurls

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