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"hold Yuh" remix

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 Let me hold ya,
Let you know what I hope comes
High off love smoking in both lungs
Brain damage aim savage to tote guns
too intense for me
I’m more into chemistry
Like ur scent I breathe and how it’s effecting me
Fresh to death I plea
25 with a L in jeans
shape renders me helpless in need
indeed we’re in season
so weak my knees sprung

come with none leaving with atleast one
Her friends saying I’m feigning for these studs
miss I couldn’t tell my men it was you but
your friend is cute love
come to the crib loosen up
get some goose in ya
till you in the mood to just
talk about the night, kiss me and say wait who is ya
the who isn’t important now
it’s more about
the stories we’re recording down

welcome to life, I’ll sit you next to mike
he’ll hold ya closer but don’t test his might
he’ll snake charm ya
aim to replace any mistake offers
has his own snake he can break you off wit
Ashley, you almost slipped right past me
and for a party you’ve been asking me for three and a half weeks
enough childs play, hand me a beer and a black please
it’s going down this fri-day at my-place

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