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The word at the top says it all
From the start my heart got beat
The abuse my heart went through took its toll
With each punch each insult
My heart would bleed
Picturing years of abuse
"Why Lord hasn't it stopped yet?"
Question after question never got answered
The negativity in this house is overbearing its so much hostility in me wanting to get out, but i will not let it out
Emotions kept in a hidden spot in my soul
I know I am a bold woman just feel trapped I want to get out of these four walls
No one know the tears I cry one tear drop after drop
Not caring about getting up I'm just letting tears drop to the floor
No matter which way they go
I was once a happy little girl with a cheerful soul
Now this one person that took my love away now which way do I go?
Fear, Confusion, guilt circles in my mind
I want my pride
God can you give me that back
I hate to ask because I felt like a failure to you everything I go through
You forgive me
I am to blind to see it
Sliping from your grip
Can't believe, trust no one in my sight
God bring me back to life
Oh wait! I'm too far gone from reality to come back to the surface when I close my eyes I just envision darkness
Where is the light? My life is empty hollow scary but I will gather my determination that I have left and prove it back to the world
And get my feet back on track
And put my name on my own plaque
Yea I will have it back like that no more will I be

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Twistedbeauty says:

Excellent write

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tiffanyr says:

Thanks twistedbeauty for the comment.

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