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Do you actually think you can just leave

Do you really think that I'm gone let you be

After all the hard work and time I put into keeping you

You tryna tell me...that our love and our bond was never true

That those beautiful memories faded from that beautiful mind of yours?

That those mezmorizing moments weren't worth remembering

Tell me how can you go on......

Knowing that you destroyed this house I thought to be a home

I loved you with every piece of my soul but I guess every piece of my soul wasn't enough 

Making you happy and giving you everything you ever wanted wasn't enough

I thought I was your "go to" but I guess when you realized how much you were going to me ...you punked out and abandoned me

Leaving me was the worst thing you could do

Throwing away a beautiful soul because of your fear of being in love with me too

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latin_lover says:

I really felt this one. Excellent write.

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